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Arasta is celebrating 20th anniversary!

We are celebrating our 20th anniversary! Arasta Architectural Design has been providing services in architectural design and application in domestic and foreign fairs, project designing and organization since 1994.

Until today both domestically and internationally, Arasta provided support in terms of stand design and implementation to approximately 3.000 firms, which are themselves the dynamics of their own sector. We had documented the quality of our services with the awards that we won by providing professional services in Turkey’s leading public and private institutions.

Our prior target is to render the one that fulfils both the function, aesthetics, and also ensures the complete customer satisfaction in the works that we do in domestic and abroad through our foreign representative team in Germany, Holland, Belgium and Italy.

We are very happy to celebrate our 20th anniversary with our experienced and professional team. We are very thankful to everyone who had contributed and supported Arasta.

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