We started working for Berlin ITB 2015

Over 15 years, we are participating in one of the prominent tourism fairs, Berlin ITB Fair, with companies from private and public sector. Through our Germany representative team that is experienced in logistics and operation, we had started working for Berlin ITB fair that will take place in 4-8 March. We keep up working in 15 countries including Qatar, The United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijani, Yemen and Turkey. We are drawing projects for the companies and institutions that will attend from these countries, meeting former and potential customers. In 2009, we had been awarded with third place in one of the biggest tourism fair Berlin ITB with the Turkey stand that was designed and implemented by Arasta on behalf of Turkish Republic Ministry of Culture and Tourism. In 2013, we had announced the world our success by winning the first place in Berlin ITB. In the past, the stand that was designed and implemented by us also won the Berlin ITB Ecology Award. We will keep up working for new achievements with our new and former customers in 2015 Berlin ITB.