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Arasta About Us

Fairs are essential levers of the economy. Fair stands are substantial showcases where the goods and services meet their target market.

Can stands, as showcases, meet the requirements and needs of both buyers and sellers?

Can they exhibit the goods and services at the desired level?

Does the stand create awareness for the customers?

Arasta Architectural Design is founded to find the answers to these questions and generate solutions for related issues. To achieve this goal Arasta operates successful events and set up services and organization in fairs over the past 29 years.

Arasta Hakkımızda

Until today both domestically and internationally, Arasta provided support in terms of stand design and implementation to approximately 3.000 firms, which are themselves the dynamics of their own sector.

Arasta targets to render the one that fulfils both the function, aesthetics, and also ensures the complete customer satisfaction.

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