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Award-Winning Fair Stand Design Firm: Arasta

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Award-Winning Fair Stand Design Firm: Arasta

Fairs are one of the most effective marketing and sales methods for businesses. The most important factor that will highlight the company in a large and crowded area is the fair stand design. An award-winning fair stand design firm proves that it can make better designs in the future.

Thanks to the fairs, companies have the opportunity to explain their products down to the smallest details with video and audio recordings while exhibiting their products live.

It is a scientific fact that the more senses are addressed in the learning process, the more permanent the learning. Fairs also create an environment where businesses can appeal to all senses of their customers for their products and services.


We have given the answer to this question in our article titled "How should the fair stand design be". In this article, we will be talking about the factors that carry the design to the award.


Fairgrounds are very large and the number of exhibitors may be too large depending on the type. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the most effective way to stand out in this crowd is to design a recognizable fair stand. Of course, when it comes to design, only the outer appearance should not come to mind immediately. So what makes an exhibition stand recognizable?

Fair stands with an external appearance adorned with modern and strong design elements will of course immediately catch the eye. Details such as the selection of colors that create a strong contrast and the LED lights in the background that strengthen the presentation can quickly bring the exhibition stand forward. However, there are other points to consider.


Again, as we mentioned above, those who think that the fair stand design awards are given only with the external appearance can be wrong. Then what makes the winning designs stand out by influencing the jury?

Here comes the first thing to think about the purpose of the fair. The purpose of fairs is for companies to introduce their products and services to potential customers. Naturally, we can say that the first item is bringing the product to the fore. It is important to display the product as recognizably as possible. It’s also important to be able to provide information about its properties or use.

For example, people who use an industrial oven are already more or less familiar with the shape of an oven. Technical information such as its shape, dimensions and the amount of power consumed can be easily accessed from the web environment. Then what does the exhibitor expect? The best way to reflect the answer to this question may lead the company to the design award.

How does the oven work, to what extent does it meet the chef's needs, how much does it help the chef or kitchen staff. Of course, the most important are the cooking results. If the customers see that the same oven works and cooks very well, it will appeal to more senses. Thus, the customer is more impressed. Since the design jury will act in the same way, it will be advantageous to think with a customer logic.


Although we have mentioned above as not the only important element for the exterior design, it is still a very effective element. However, we should mention not only the exterior design but also the visual aesthetics of the interior. Sometimes a small visual detail added can have very impressive results. In this case, we can say the following: The choices in the use of visual materials affect the jury.

The foreground visuals, design element or exhibited products that create an effective contrast with the background both make the ambiance effective and increase the presentation quality. Elements that do not prevent the products and strengthen the effect in the design create the aesthetic perception. With the right placement, the right colors, the right lighting and the right material, a result that leads to the award emerges.


Very effective designs cannot be made with the building material, which is referred to as a modular exhibition stand. A standard field can be created. However, we will talk about the modularity of the design here. It is an important factor that the stand can be used in different areas and places, as well as the presence of eye-pleasing elements and the highlighting of the product.

With the engineering processes carried out in the planning and production stages, exhibition stands can be produced in a modular structure. It can be assembled in 1 week or less, depending on the size of the stand, and can be disassembled at the end of the fair and stored in a warehouse. The fact that it can be used in a different fair is also an issue that the jury attaches importance to.


Arasta Architectural Design firm has won many awards, especially in European fairs. Arasta, which has 3 1st prizes in different fairs, also has 2nd and 3rd prizes. Receiving so many awards among thousands of companies from all over the world cannot be explained by coincidence.

In addition to the above-mentioned foundations, Arasta Architecture firm, which analyzes all kinds of variables from design to assembly very well, offers its customers an environment where they can spend a smooth and impressive fair period.

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