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How Fair Stand Design Should Be

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

How Fair Stand Design Should Be

Fair stand design is the most important feature that makes a company stand out at the fair. An attractive and impressive stand design makes your potential customers notice you faster. So how should the fair stand design be? Let's look for an answer to this question in this article. First of all, let's talk about the general design of the exhibition stand, then we will take a look at the details. The most important issue in exhibition booth design is to produce creative designs. While special stand designs draw attention far beyond ready-made stands, they also enter into a different race among each other. The forms used, creative lines, originality and product display skills are among the criteria that make the differences between them. In most stands, forms are created by presenting carrier columns with structural differences. Sometimes various forms can be used just for design. Their purpose is to create a completely prestigious stand area. Sometimes product placement areas are planned with design forms. It is seen that the carrier columns have become product showcases with a wide variety of placements.

Now, let's look at details

General Design Layouts

The area where the exhibition stands are located greatly affects the overall design layout. Its connections with its neighbors play a decisive role in this regard. Will there be stands it sticks to? What will the corridor conditions be like? How is their location to the main roads? Such questions should be determined by examining the fair layout plan. In some cases, stand layouts may require the stand area to be glued back to back. In some cases, there may be open areas that we call island stands. One of the first elements of the design is exactly this situation. The information on how many square meters the fair stand area is, of course, another important point to be considered from the beginning. In addition, the products to be exhibited should be well analyzed. If there is a product or products that are desired to be in the foreground, special areas should be created for them. An environment should be prepared where visitors can easily see or turn their direction to that area.

Visual elements such as digital prints and models come to the fore in a fair area where there are no products but only services. It should not be thought of as just a service, a project that cannot be brought to that area can be exhibited there with visual prints and models. For example, a construction company should impress people with a beautiful model of the site it has built. Images of the building and the site should be placed on the walls or on specially prepared panels, and services should be offered more effectively.

A briefing should be obtained from the company regarding the number and variety of products to be exhibited and their dimensions. In this direction, product settlement areas should be created. It cannot be expected that the stand of a company that produces small household appliances and the stand of a company that produces industrial machinery will have similar characteristics.

Structure of the Exhibition Stand

There are interesting and creative stands, so we will talk about special wooden exhibition stand designs. Wooden stands are the way to create the most special, dynamic, quality and creative designs. It is possible to give the wood the desired forms. In many materials these are possible, but it may be necessary to produce special molds. Since the mold costs are much higher than the material costs, it will be expensive because of the lining. In addition, wood stands out as the element that gives the highest quality stance.

For some companies, the material made does not matter. The primary goal is to capture the desired image throughout the fair. Simpler materials can be preferred, especially in idle areas. These also significantly reduce the cost of the fair stand.

Technical Issues at the Exhibition Stand

The water connection and electrical connection to be used in the fair stand areas should be determined in advance and notified to the fair company. A suitable installation plan should be created in which direction the water installations in the fair area are located. For the electrical connection, the power (KW) is selected according to the predetermined equipment and the installation is taken in that way. Some industrial products operate in three phases. This also needs to be taken into account. Some machines may also need air pressure.

Equipment for hot drinks such as coffee and tea to be served to customers and a mini fridge for cold drinks and other cold beverages may be required. Cookies and biscuits, sugar for tea and coffee, spoons, plates should not be forgotten, as well as simple items.

Fair Stand Floor Covering

Floor covering is an issue of moderate importance in the fair stand area. In general, one of 3 different floor types is preferred.

  • Tile

  • Parquet

  • Carpet

The tile is formed by cutting 18mm chipboards in the form of 1 square meter and mounting them on a platform. It can also be prepared in different sizes, if desired. Although it is generally white, tiles can be prepared in desired colors.

Laminate flooring is preferred for parquet flooring. This type of parquet, which is easy to install, does not require scraping and polishing. Laminate flooring, which is not easily scratched and worn, is both easy to clean and more affordable than other flooring.

We do not see the need to talk about it in detail, as carpet coating is a method that everyone knows.

Display and Lighting

The elements that make the fairground look the best are lighting equipment or areas such as illuminated panels and large LCD or LED screens. A well thought out lighting system is required to highlight products. If necessary, the backgrounds of certain products should be dressed in dark colors and products should be highlighted with spotlights.

The posters on the prepared boards can also be highlighted with an effective lighting system. In such cases, a backlight source is preferred. This light should spread like fluorescent light, spot type light should not be preferred, each area should be equally illuminated. This makes the content stand out even more. If there is a light-proof structure due to the material, LED lighting from all sides can be preferred.

Lighting should be used not only on boards or banners, but also on various design elements. Sometimes lighting can be added around a TV screen, sometimes shelves, and sometimes just as a design element.

While LED screens or LCD screens offer the opportunity to show the current product and service in much more detail, they also stand out as an important design element. Many features that cannot be presented in the exhibition area can be reflected on the screens with videos. A car is in the fairground, but you can only tell with a video that its handling is very good. Safety and driving features, which are very important, can also be offered to customers in this way.

Today, the number of companies operating in the service sector has increased considerably. Since there is no product to be exhibited by such companies, the importance of the videos or images broadcast on the screens is increasing. Showing the services offered in detail with infographics is one of the important elements that companies can offer.

Although not as dynamic as digital screens, digital printing products can also be used to present products and services in detail. For this reason, digital prints should be prepared with high resolution and a quality print should be obtained.

Other Topics at the Exhibition Stand

There are important items that should be found in the fair stand areas. These are necessary for the full service to be given to the customers. For example, important promotional items such as business card holders, catalog stands, brochures should be included in the layout plan.

Some exhibition stands may require a covered storage area to store various ancillary equipment. An area that can be used for many purposes such as storing products, treats, catalogs and brochures, that do not need to be presented to the customer, will be beneficial.

Fair Stand Prices

To be frank, it is absolutely not correct to give prior information on this matter. There are many factors such as the design to be made, the materials to be used, the dimensions of the fairground, floor coverings, electrical installation and large screens. Fair stand design prices are only possible with the 3D design prepared in line with the briefing and the budgeting to be made afterwards.

Stand Design Company

We have covered this issue more extensively in our article on “Exhibition Stand Companies”. Our visitors can read that article if they wish.

We have created a general article on how the fair stand design should be. It is possible to create a stand as complete as possible by paying attention to all of the above-mentioned items. In addition, company or sector-specific situations should be examined very carefully and some situations should be foreseen and planning should be made accordingly. Arasta Architectural Design is ready to give you all kinds of support with its 30 years of experience in fair stand design and award-winning designs.

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