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Exhibition Stand Companies

Exhibition Stand Companies

Fairs, one of the most important commercial interaction areas for companies, started to revive by overcoming the stagnation experienced by the pandemic. The importance of the exhibition stand design, which will highlight the company at the fairs, continues to be up-to-date. In this article, we will talk about the companies that make exhibition stands, what are their features and how to choose them.

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Fair organizers, who experienced a naturally decreasing process during the pandemic period, tried to keep this period active by online fairs. However, it is unthinkable for online fairs to capture the real fair structure that appeals to many senses and where you can see the products live. This was just a way of keeping some sectors afloat and meeting the needs of sectors that were still alive.

Business people see the products at real fairs, witness how they work, and thus have access to real data about the products. A similar situation exists for the service sectors. They can create a more active marketing process with live listening from the service producer, demos and applications.

The Importance of Creative Exhibition Stand Design

Many of the tens, sometimes hundreds of companies participating in the fair are doing the same job. While these companies compete with each other in products and services, they need to stand out with some features. In this case, the thing that makes a business stand out in an exhibition or fair area is the fair stand design. People walking around the area show more interest in the stands that attract them. The stand design helps bring the customer to you and the rest is up to you. Creative designs increase the number of customers.

By the way, since Germany stands out as the exhibition center in Europe, many people search for Germany exhibition stands design companies.

Characteristics of Companies That Make Fair Stands

What should be considered when choosing companies that make exhibition stands? In fact, when we find the answer to this question, we find the characteristics of an ideal exhibition stand design company. First of all, let's talk briefly about modular exhibition stands. Since this type of stands have a flat, simple and uniform structure, there is no need to look for any features in companies that make modular stands. In this regard, it is sufficient to check a few standard items.


The references of the company come first among the points to be considered when choosing companies that make custom design exhibition stands. As a very cliché pattern, we can write: “What a company does is the guarantee of what it will do.” You can get information about the company's capacity by looking at the exhibition stand examples it has made before. You can predict whether it will reveal the design you dream of.


The time the company has been in the sector and the number of stand designs produced in direct proportion give an idea about the experience of the company. An experienced company has information about all processes from design to installation. It even informs you about legal requirements in some cases.

Design Power

Will the company be able to produce products that will make a difference with its designs? Will it make you stand out at the fair? Will it open new design horizons for you? The company should get to know you well by getting briefs from you. It should reveal an ideal design by analyzing the products or services to be exhibited. The architects and graphic designers it employs should understand you optimally and be able to convey the corporate identity of the company to the fair stand.

Open for Revision

The company that makes the fair stand should make the desired design updates. In this regard, there should be a process that progresses in mutual understanding. The company that will participate in the fair must inform in advance the concrete objects to be placed and their dimensions before designing the fair stand. There will always be minor revisions, but constantly changing the products will disrupt the initial structure.

Architects carrying out the design should also be open to revision requests. Companies take part in fairs by making large investments. They will want to look their best to represent and present their company in the best way possible. This is the most natural right of the exhibitors.


The companies that produce the exhibition stand design they have made in their own workshops will offer you more price offers. Companies that work with their own personnel and raw materials without receiving service from anyone else will help you more easily in all kinds of updates and arrangements.

The company that manufactures the fair stand keeps the materials to be used in the designs in its warehouses. It takes faster action and can deliver the designs you want faster.

Of course, it is necessary to mention about the assembly. Manufacturers will also do their assembly with their own team. It will work with a team that embraces its work and performs it with devotion. At the same time, he should anticipate the stand setup processes very well and start working accordingly. Before the fair starts, it must deliver the stand with all its infrastructure on time.

General Subjects

There are some points that we have not mentioned in this article, but that you naturally pay attention to because of your business life. For example, issues such as the company's reliability, pricing policy, invoicing and payment methods will be resolved by communicating in the pre-design processes.

The best design awards selected among the companies that make exhibition stands may also be a subject that may interest you. Arasta Architecture is an award-winning architectural design firm with designs that have received many degrees both at home and abroad.

Paying attention to the issues mentioned above, it will be possible to find a company that makes a good exhibition stand. From now on, we hope that a productive fair will be spent by solving the issues to be taken together such as designs, layouts, revisions and 3D works.

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